Like every player hits a rough patch in their game, so does every person in the game called life. At that defining moment, a coach can sail you through. For some, family or friends play that role. For me it was Shweta. I wonder how, but she always has that perfect thing to say to motivate you in every situation, professional and personal, a quality I even look up to. For example: One of the many things she said to me was that “it is more important to make the best of your choice, than to make the best choice”, a simple statement that forever forward solved the most excruciating dilemma of my life. Add to that wisdom a rock-solid industry knowledge and experience, and you have a guide you can rely upon for dependable and practical advice every time. Thanks to Shweta, I am now full of clarity, and focused on a career path towards a well-defined goal. Wishing her all the best!

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