• Why are many people unable to create new behaviours and habits despite a genuine need and want to change?
  • What does it take for teams to adopt and persist with the new behaviours?
  • How do we get organizations to embrace new norms and culture?

The only program of its kind that helps you create lasting Transformation using the latest research in Neuroscience and Behavioural Neuropsychology with real world application experience.


  • Understand how the brain processes and responds to change
  • Have a structured framework for planning ‘brain friendly’ change
  • Know how to initiate and support lasting shifts in thinking and behaviour
  • Know how to make change a more positive experience
  • Learn how to work with the change averse brain
  • Have a toolkit of change management tools and techniques


  • Influence the collective mindset
  • Create sustainable behaviour shifts
  • Maximize alignment during transformation
  • Minimize negative impact from the change
  • Successfully overcome resistance to change
  • Successfully align “stuck” individuals
  • Create lasting transformation

This program is facilitated by Shweta Handa-Gupta an internationally renowned expert with strong credentials and proven expertise in applied neuroscience, business psychology & organization change.Felicitated as one of the World’s top 5 Transformation & CEO Coaches under40, Shweta has held a transformation expert role in a Fortune 50 Organization and served as CEO of an Indian business group. We’ve featured in ETNow, HTMint, Times of India, People Matters, the Indian Management Journal, FE, Business World HR Summit to name a few.