Neuro-Accelerated Change Leadership

We train, coach and certify leaders to successfully work with; lead and implement change using cutting edge research in Organizational.

Creating Lasting Coaching RoI

We help organizations reap the benefits of coaching by enabling application that directly impacts the culture as well as the bottom-line.

Top Team Alignment

We accelerate the journey from functional super-heroes to a shared leadership team that collectively owns the vision of the organization.

Behavior Shifts are not easy

QuadraBrainŹ˘î helps deliver 100% success rates for business transformation by measurably enhancing and accelerating user acceptance and adoption using scientific methodologies based on our validated and published proprietary research.

We make Complex Change Simple!

Our Flagship Programs

  • Neuroscience @Work
  • Change Leadership for Digital Transformation
  • Certificate in Applied Neuroscience for Organization Transformation
  • Lead Self, Lead Others, Lead Change
  • Leader as a Coach

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Shweta inspired me to find my goals and has guided me, rather, made me capable of realizing the same. With her guidance seemingly difficult things became easy.

Ramesh Sharma
Internal Audit, Shree Cement

Shweta is an excellent coach. She understands coaching methodologies as well as human behaviour very well. She is completely ....

Indu Wadhwa

I vividly recall the change management workshops conducted by Shweta for the leadership team at our organisation Minda Group. I realised the effectiveness ......

Atul Vij
Group Presidentin Auto Components Sector

“A leadership coaching session with Shweta literally blows your mind... I have hugely benefited from working with her”

~Tanvi Jain,

"Shweta truly asks the right questions... which helps define our future strategy. She has a class about her that's uncommon. She will be an asset to any Client she consults with.”

~ Ramani Mani,
Founder and MD of Mani Group

“Thanks to Shweta, I am now full of clarity, and focused on a career path towards a well-defined goal. Wishing her all the best!”

~Saurabh Gupta,
Financial Analyst

“Shweta inspired me to find my goals and has guided me, rather, made me capable of realizing the same. With her guidance seemingly difficult things became easy.”

~Ramesh Sharma,
GM – Internal Audit, Shree Cement

“I fortunately got in touch with Shweta and her personal advise was very useful to me for addressing the situation faced by me as a senior leader. True mentor! and very mature adviser”

~Atul Vij,
Director & CIO

“Shweta has the confidence, conviction and courage to effect a transformation in any organization, be it own or an external customer. She handles Senior Management well. She is extremely effective managing a workshop as a facilitator.”

~Sabu Gopinath,
Partner, IBM India

“Dear Shweta, Thank you for your sincere and brilliant efforts in setting the business goals for us. You are truly professional. Keep it up.”

~George Paul,
Director, Synthite Industries

"Shweta has the unique art of guiding people to discover their own path and pace of becoming not only effective leaders but most importantly wholesome individuals.”

Digital Transformation Leader, Adobe